Complementary Hearing Tests in Bolton

with Better Hearing Clinic at Harwood Dental Care

Better Hearing Clinic is committed to improving the health of ears across the North West, and we offer hearing health checks right here in Bolton.

These exploratory hearing tests last for around 20 minutes, and helps us to quickly assess your current hearing levels. As well a basic evaluation of the sounds your ears are capable of processing, we will also make a closer examination of your inner ears using a modern video microscope camera. It’s a totally safe and painless procedure.

The results will be discussed with you, and we will offer advice on the best course of action to take. This could potentially involve a GP referral, an ear wax removal session, or a more in-depth hearing test which can be used to more precisely diagnose any underlying issues.

Looking after the health of your ears

Bernard Paice is a registered professional Hearing Aid Audiologist with more than 10 years of experience, Better Hearing Clinic prides itself on bringing you a more personal service than you’re likely to receive at one of the large national chains.

We don’t go in for the hard sell, and we know that our impartial and independent approach suits our patients well. Simply put, we only recommend the most suitable digital hearing aids to treat your condition, not the most expensive ones.

Our Services

As well as providing hearing screening, we offer a wide spectrum of audiology services.
These include:

Ear Wax Removal

A common cause of hearing loss is the build up of ear wax. This is a combination of serum (the wax) and skin debris that block sound waves from making their way efficiently to the eardrum.

Comprehensive Hearing Tests

If your initial test unearths any issues, a more in-depth audiogram consultation can precisely pinpoint the range of frequencies you are able to hear and enable us to make a more accurate suggestion on the best course of treatment.

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus can be a debilitating condition, and while there is currently no cure for it, there are techniques which can help ease the symptoms. Your first tinnitus management session is completely free.

Ear Protection

Perfect for musicians and workers in loud environments, we have a superb range of devices to help protect your hearing from excessive noise.

Find us

Our services are available at Harwood Dental Care, all day on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.00am to 5:30pm. Or, if you have mobility issues, we can even conduct a full hearing assessment from the comfort of your own home.

Regaining the full use of your ears can drastically improve your quality of life and restore a level of independence. With 1 in 6 adults living with some form of hearing loss, it is a hidden problem which is often very simple to treat.

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