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It is well known that untreated hearing problems can have numerous health implications. Depression, stress, anxiety, cognitive decline, memory failure and social isolation to name a few. But did you know that there is a link with falling. The risk of a fall is...

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Why Hearing Aids stop working

9 times out of 10 Hearing Aids do not work because they or the patients is blocked up with wax. Other reasons why Hearing Aids some times don’t work are, a dead battery, microphones blocked, faulty electronics or a change in hearing. Sudden changes your hearing...

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Taking the tech speak out of a hearing test

It’s really easy to be overwhelmed by information regarding your hearing when you are given the results of a hearing test. It could sound like this "you have a moderate sensori-neural high frequency hearing loss."  It’s a symptomatic of professionals to speak in...

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Try Before You Buy

You can try before you buy with Unitron Flex Trial Hearing Aids. You probably have heard of 60 day money back guarantee offered by high street hearing aid retailers. We at Better Hearing Clinic offer the same and it’s a great way of giving you peace of mind. But you...

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Keep yourself and ears healthy this summer

I love to have a swim in the hotel pool as soon as I have arrived. It’s a confirmation the holiday proper has started.  However I’m mindful that you just don’t know what is in the water even if it looks fabulous. The last thing you want on holiday is diarrhea or be...

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